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Jet Ski Lifts
We install high quality Doozie Jet Ski Lifts for convenient storage and protection of your jet ski or other small watercraft such as a jon boat. The lifts are bolted directly to your dock's pilings. Designed to lift the jet ski beside the dock, these lifts do not interfere with your usage and enjoyment of your dock space. An optional dock stand is available in cases where the piling does not extend above the dock.

Hot dip galvanized, Doozie Jet Ski Lifts come complete (except for wood) and include the track, carriage and stainless steel cable. Available in 600LB, 1000LB and 2000LB capacity and 5 to 7 foot lifting range.


Southern Boat Lifts is fully Workmans Comp and Liability Insured. Protect yourself and your property. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance when obtaining quotes from any contractor. 

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