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Boat Houses and Boat Lifts
For enjoyment, convenience and protection, we construct our boat houses to withstand the elements. Choose a single boat house or double (for your pontoon and fishing boat!). 6 inch x 6 inch treated lumber posts are pile-driven and topped with a 30-year warrantied metal roof in your choice of color. You also have the option of synthetic decking.

To safely and conveniently store your boat, we install Doozie Boat Lifts which are available in four standard models with capabilities from 3,000 lbs. to 8,000 lbs. These high-quality, dependable lifts are designed to lift the boat from above (under the boat house roof) or on properly spaced pilings (these are called low-profile lifts). Hot-dipped galvanized Doozie Boat Lifts come complete (except lumber) with stainless steel with hangers and pullies, spring-loaded up/down switch for safety and 2-piece motor/drive cover. They offer a 10 foot lift range with lift speed of 3.5 feet per minute. A side mounted drive allows for easy maintenance.  


Southern Boat Lifts is fully Workmans Comp and Liability Insured. Protect yourself and your property. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance when obtaining quotes from any contractor. 

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